How to plan a successful Corporate Christmas event

We know 2020 has been a strange one - and we still can’t believe how fast the year has gone - but we have to face the facts that Christmas is almost upon us!

Kirsty Wood

We know 2020 has been a strange one - and we still can’t believe how fast the year has gone - but we have to face the facts that Christmas is almost upon us! 

One of the things we love most about Christmas is all the events leading up to it, particularly when we get the chance to turn a corporate Christmas party into something unique and memorable.

Though parties may look slightly different this year, we’re ensuring all of our events are planned with COVID-19 precautions in place, without losing the magic of a festive event.

We know that planning events on any scale is difficult and can be even more stressful around this time of year, and so, we’ve put together our top tips on how to plan a successful Christmas event.

Plan Early

Christmas is the busiest time of year for many businesses, and people’s diaries tend to fill up fast. That means you’ll want to set a date for your Christmas event as early as possible - and get your invites out as soon as it’s confirmed so that people can save the date.

Know Your Budget

Pin down your budget early so that you know exactly what you have to work with. This way you can tie down the essentials such as food, venue and entertainment first before you start planning any extras.

Type of Event

Once you have your budget and date, what type of event are you going to plan? Will it be during the day or an evening event? Will you have a sit-down meal? Do you want a themed event? Start with the big details first such as theme and time of the event and then pin down the main components - food, drink and entertainment. The small stuff can come later.

Find a Venue

Now you know the basics of your event, find a venue that will fit your party size and provide the food and drink you’re after. It’s also worth asking about the decorations if you are looking to put on a themed event. When looking at venues it’s also important to think about practicalities for your guests such as transport.

Make Time for Speeches and Thank Yous

A Christmas event is a great time for an end-of-year wrap-up, particularly if this is a work party, so make sure you set aside some time for a thank you speech.

Special Extras

What small details can you add to make your event special? You could hire a photographer to capture the best moments of the night and give you something to look back on. You could give out goody bags as a Christmas gift to your guests. You could also organise games and activities to keep your guests entertained in a unique way. Don’t overlook how small details can really make an event memorable and unique.

COVID-19 Safe

Unfortunately, we now have another factor to think about when planning events. Luckily most venues have put in excellent practices to help ensure your event will be COVID-19 safe but it’s important to discuss these with your venue at the time of booking. Make sure you then share the relevant safety messages with your guests so they are prepared beforehand, such as social distancing rules and wearing masks.

Let Us Help

With years of experience in the events industry, we’d love to take the stress of event planning off your hands. Let us help you add an extra sparkle to your Christmas event. We can also assist with managing the actual event once it gets going, leaving you to enjoy the night. 

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