DJ Cruse

DJ CRUSE who orignated from Nürtingen, Germany, was always very passionate about music. HIs musical taste ranges from Hip Hop to Rock to House music.By discovering electronic music and clubbing, in the mid nineties, he was caught by the virus to aim for a career as a DJ. Starting of at private events playing on his Technics, which he bought with money he saved from his salary as a shop assistant, he created live dj mixes ranging from Trance to Acid and Techno, which eventually led him to became a resident DJ at club ToY in Stuttgart.Besides his residency DJ CRUSE played at various events and other clubs in the area of Stuttgart, including Proton Club.2004 saw his breakthrough as a DJ as he began touring all over Germany and started being booked outside of the country in Switzerland and Austria, moving towards House, Electro and minimal music. Together with DJ colleagues such as DJ Dag, Gayle San, Marco Zaffarano, DJ Emerson and Commander Tom he performed in a bigger event called Alter Güterbahnhof in Ludwigsburg. In 2009 he made his debut as a producer with his remix of Modjo's worlwide hit "LADY" released on Dolphin Traxx UK, charting in Germany and the UK Dance Charts.In 2012 Dj Cruse launched Groove Nation Event Concept in his hometown Nürtingen played gigs in Baden Württemberg and other cities in Germany while in 2014 DJ Cruse's new single 'Deep in the Night' dropped on Stehverbot Recordings. In 2015 DJ CRUSE performed at the Streetparade Zürich Paradeking Truck in Zurich an amazing opportunity and that was a good move for his reputation and led to a series of dj bookings.His discography includes: 2016: 4 new track under a label in Ibiza, titled "Scream", "My World", "Peace on Earth", and "Turn Around" under a label in Ibiza2017: Track "Drop The Beat" - under 4Te Etage Records (Stuttgart)2018: Track " Groove Machine" (4Te Etage Records) and track "Drive" (Provocateur Label) End of 2018: EP "Jack" (Phantacid Records, Brazil)2019: EP Ayla (4te Etage Records) and EP Right Now (Dirty Humans)2020: EP - Hacienda EP(Nomevea) and EP Crow (Duff Music)2020 EP - EDU M-The Beginning (DJCruse&JCalderon Rmx) (High Contrast)2020 EP - DJ Cruse - Get You (Decibel Music)2021 Single DJ Cruse-The Mission (MFG Label)

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