DJ Nua

Nua is DJ and Sound Producer currently residing in Dubai. An active representative of the Russian electronic music scene since 2013, Nua embraces a plethora of musical styles, including but not limited to ethnic deephouse, elodic techno and house, afrohouse and electronica. As a true sound hunter, Nua is constantly seeking musical satisfaction and bringing her eclectic tastes and undeniable passion to dance floors worldwide. Propelled by a deep spiritual connection to sound and a fierce passion for the magic of dance, Nua has energized and electrified crowds from Shanghai to Dubai. Her ultimate goal is to compel and inspire each crowd member to engage in joyful, cathartic dance, embracing the movements and emotions that the soundwaves create. Nua’s aim is not just to purvey invigorating mixes that make bodies move, but to take the experience to another level by projecting her own deep pleasure and love of music onto the dance floor. Nua seeks to create bonds of ecstasy, spiritual release and mind-body connection through fervent beats and all-encompassing vibrations. With impeccable vision, a penchant for fussing elegance with high energy sounds Nua combines her undying adoration for sound and movement with a desire to bring people together and create magic in the present. Whether it's a rooftop patio, corporate event or music festival Nua always true to her impressive work ethic and commitment to spread joy through the art of sound. Nua is a versatile powerhouse who is certainly poised for greatness, as her career continues to bring hard-earned opportunities for elevated success.

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