5 benefits of working from home

In response to COVID-19, many people began working from home for the first time in their career. We know this change can be a big shock for people who are used

Kirsty Wood

In response to COVID-19, many people began working from home for the first time in their career. We know this change can be a big shock for people who are used to spending time in an office, attending face-to-face meetings and working the hours of 9-5. 

The Be More Than team spans across the globe, with many of us working remotely, and so we feel we’re somewhat seasoned experts when it comes to home working. In fact, we’ve been telling people for years that there are so many benefits that come with this type of work. 

When workplaces start to open up, you may be faced with a choice of continuing to work from home or return to office life. Though this past year may have made many of us feel fed up with the inside of our house, we thought we’d highlight some of the benefits of working from home - and no, it doesn’t include staying in your pyjamas all day! 

1. Work-Life Balance

Working remotely can often mean a more flexible schedule. Though core office hours usually remain, by being at home you can start and end your day as you please. 

This can help immensely with balancing commitments in your personal life such as the school run, doctor’s appointment or even simply being at home for deliveries. 

It’s also much easier to take small breaks. That time you would have usually spent having a chat around the coffee machine with colleagues can be a quick HIIT workout or a short walk outside.

2. No Commute

On average, think about how long it would usually take you to get to the office each day. That’s all wasted time that over the course of a year adds up significantly. It could be time spent on much healthier things such as working out, sleeping a little longer or spending more time with the family.

Even if you have a short drive to the office, research has shown that work commutes of 10 miles is related to health issues such as stress, higher cholesterol and elevated blood sugar.

3. Save Money

Working in an office often comes with fuel (or public transportation) costs, takeout lunches and coffees, and costs of your work clothes. This can all be reduced or even eliminated by working from home. What’s more, when you’re not bound by the office, you can live in more affordable areas rather than the large cities.

Companies can also benefit from work savings too in the long-term. Employers can save on a variety of things including office and operational costs. 

4. Positive Environmental and Sustainability Impacts

By eliminating your commute, you’ll significantly reduce your carbon footprint. There are also the environmentally-friendly choices you can make at home such as using less paper and controlling your own heating. 

In addition, remote work can help with supporting smaller communities. This is because employees can live outside of large cities due to not being limited by the geographic location of their job.

5. Improved Productivity and Performance

When you work from home, it can mean fewer interruptions (think of the coworker who always stops by your desk for a ‘quick question’) and a quieter work environment - this all leads to increased productivity and performance. 

It also helps you focus on the output of your work rather than simply being in an office for a set amount of time, thus increasing your productivity further. 

You do have to have a bit of willpower when working at home though. Stay away from the TV and the dishes (unless you’re on a break) and create a nice office space that you enjoy working from.